#VoteIN June23 #PeaceLoveUnity

Looking aghast at the UK apparently lurching towards leaving the EU, with even sane and sound-minded friends and acquaintances vowing to vote out, it feels worse than the last election. At least then it seemed that Labour had a chance of keeping the tories out. Even if it failed, there was always another chance, ruinous as another four years of Cameron and cronies would be.

On June 23, an exit vote would be disastrous – spiritually, economically, politically and physically. Fortress Britain, sliding back in time on a wave of reactionary, racist propaganda. Retreating into a delusional isolation where Blighty again becomes mighty. No?! That’s a Blighty nightmare! Drawbridge up, everyone for themselves and damn the consequences. In 1979, Thatcher put this country into spiritual and humanitarian reverse. The end result? This senseless ***xit idea coupled with divisive, nihilist tory government policy, backed by St Georges’ flag-waving neo-empire dreamers. A United (for now) Kingdom in global denial, crashing backwards into a cynical neo-liberal trap. 

Last election eve in helpless political desperation I drove the streets of Hove with loudhailers, imploring voters NOT to vote anything other than Labour, whatever their sympathies, since any other vote would just give it to the Tories. The Labour candidate Peter Kyle, who had run a good campaign, won the seat by only 1234 votes. In Kemptown, Labour lost by 690 votes; it was that close.

Again I’m stricken with that same sense of foreboding. It’s even closer this time; every vote counts. So now to music, video and hashtags. Lawd (and anyone who reads this) lets get out to #VoteIN on June23 and help defeat the misguided ***xit campaign. Links to the video on Youtube at the hashtags below:

#VoteIN June23          #PeaceLoveUnity

Vocal & dub downloads of the tune for anyone who wants to make  a version here:

#VoteIN June23          #VoteINJune23 (Dub)