The D and AD Archive story

D&AD copywriting

It’s July 10 1962. NASA launches the TELSTAR communications  satellite.

July 23 1962. TELSTAR transmits the first public transatlantic television signal with pictures of the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty

The cutting edge broadcast features Richard Dimbleby, Walter Cronkite and John F. Kennedy. JFK denies that the US will devalue the dollar

A world market surge in value of the dollar is an early taste of comms power and the birth of an age of global mass communications

3 D&AD pencils

It’s 1962. D&AD launches, to become the premier worldwide agency for creative communications awards

The rocket-like D&AD Pencil award is now recognised the world over as a symbol of  the very highest creative comms achievement

TELSTAR lasted only seven months, revolutionising the future of telephone, fax, data & tv

D&AD Archive screenshot

D&AD remains in orbit to this day. 50-plus years of recognising the finest of the world’s best creative communications output. With 847 awards in 2015 alone, 44 in iconic yellow

Go deep. Explore the frontiers of creativity. Filter through thousands of perfectly preserved, stellar communications from 1994 to the present day.  In the vaults of  The D&AD archive